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RAC Range Residential Light Range

The Residential Light range air conditioner brings a taste of the future into your home. With advanced technology and a flat smoked mirror panel, this air conditioner is modern elegance. By clicking on gallery this outlines some of the examples within the RAC Range

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CAC Range Commercial Air Conditioners

Samsung's cassette type air conditioner not only has stronger airflow to cool and heat every inch of space efficiently, but is also designed to be quiet and to purify. Slim and compact, with aerodynamically designed parts to deliver the cool air with style.

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Digital Variable Volume (DVM) Range

DVM air conditioning system is Samsung's new generation in multi-zone modular systems. It uses a variable capacity compressor and multiple indoor evaporators. It provides more flexibility in system design with higher efficiency in operation.

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FJM Multi Split Systems

Free Joint Multi supports various combinations of indoor and outdoor units, providing variety of choices and flexible installation. Free Joint Multi is the best solution for small commercial buildings seeking flexible, efficient and reliable air conditioning system.

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Remote Systems

Samsung's control systems are easy to control, simple and user-friendly. These effective and convenient control systems will not only control but also monitors, manages and maintains all the information of your air conditioner.

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ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

ERV System has adopted total heat exchange (sensible heat + latent heat) as a heat recovery process that helps maintaining indoor temperature and humidity and minimizing indoor heat loss caused by ventilation.

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