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New F-Gas regulations

New EU regulations regarding fluorinated greenhouse gases came into effect in June 2007. The objective is to reduce emissions of F-Gasses covered by the Kyoto Protocol. This affects the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, as refrigerant is classified as an f-gas. As such, measures must be taken to reduce the amount of refrigerant leaked to atmosphere.

Owners responsibilities

The owners of air conditioning equipment need to uphold their duties by maintaining and utilising their air conditioning equipment in a manner that minimises the risk of F-Gas leakage in order to comply with regulations.

Periodic leakage testing

Owners are required to know the types and volumes of refrigerant on their sites and depending on the volume, they are required to perform periodic leakage tests to help minimise the risk of leakage. It is important that this is regularly tested and checked as slow leakage of refrigerant can often go unnoticed. Usually the problem is only spotted when substantial leakage has occurred and therefore meaning the equipment needs more repair work.

How JMB Engineering can help

We now offer leak testing as part of our air conditioning equipment service routine. We can also perform regular maintenance checks for this. If you would like more information about this please call us on 08081781609 or alternatively visit the ACRIB website.

If you do have air conditioning equipment on your site and you are not aware of your responsibilities under the F-Gas Regulations then you are probably in one of these two situations.

1. Your air conditioning equipment is not currently being serviced, or

2. Your air conditioning equipment is being serviced, but your existing contractor has not informed you of your responsibilities.

In either case, we suggest you call us on 01543 466889 to discuss how we can help you.

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